Mayor Mickey Hale’s Small Town Love

Mayor Mickey Hale may not show up in a suit and tie but he always shows up with a smile and a big hug. His boots and jeans are a testament to his life as a True Life Cowboy. Not the Clint Eastwood drifter types, but the actual rugged handlers of cattle – tough, brave, and skilled.

Don’t be surprised to see him with his personal truck loaded with gravel to fill the potholes on the side streets of Panama Oklahoma. He loves life, God, and his community and his goal is always to help someone in need. Even in the dead of winter Mayor Hale will take a family a propane tank to stay warm.

Actions Speak Louder than Words

Mayor Hale’s commitment to his community is evident in the actions he takes. Whether it’s the small things like filling up potholes or the big things like providing propane tanks, his heart for his community can be seen in his actions.

The True Cowboy

The true cowboy lifestyle is not for the faint of heart. It takes hard work and dedication to live as the true cowboy. Mayor Hale not only lives out this lifestyle but he is dedicated to showing the same hard work and dedication to his beloved community. He is a model of what a True Life Cowboy should be. In a recent statement, Mr Hale stated that his strength comes from both his family and his wonderful staff at the City of Panama. He emphasized the importance of having a strong support system, both at home and in the workplace. He expressed his deepest gratitude to his family and staff, acknowledging that without them, he would not be able to succeed in his endeavors. Mr Hale truly believes that having a strong and dedicated community around him allows him to reach his goals and achieve his dreams.


Mayor Mickey Hale is more than just the mayor of Panama Oklahoma. He is a True Life Cowboy who is dedicated to serving his community with love and dedication.

He is a shining example of how a True Life Cowboy should act and serve their community. His actions speak louder than words and are a testament to his commitment to his people.

In a recent statement Mr Hale  said his strengths comes from God his family and his great staff at the city of Panama.


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