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Belly Buster Burger Co 
Address : 2055 Harkrider Street, Suite 100
Conway, AR 72032
Phone : 501-205-1188

Razorback Magazine Visits Horton’s Express & Belly Buster Burger

Razorback Magazine was on the road yesterday and we all seen some amazing things. Coming though Conway, Arkansas we decided to travel down some of the main street thou town. We happen to look over and what was there about 6 mos ago wasn’t there any longer. To our surprise a beautiful new facility had been built. The new facility was designed by Sowell Architects, Inc. it was the new Horton’s Express & Belly Buster Burger.

We didn’t get a chance to meet the owner Mr. Kareem Kattom. so we decided to try some of the food in the restaurant. When we walked in we were greeted by a young lady here name was Bree she had a great smile and a friendly and very helpful welcoming us.

Our Order

Our order was out shortly so the real test began after one bite it was all over it was fresh ground beef never frozen seasoned to perfection. Served with some amazing fresh fries and drink and for what we were served the price was great.

A Great Experience

As leaving we chatted with Bree and told here how she helped she was in making out lunch a experience we would not forget. If anyone has not tried this business We highly recommend it.

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