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How Deep Is The Ocean is a must see Indie Film. An improvised drama film about A woman running from her past searches for happiness on the streets of Melbourne.

Review 1 : This film was an absolute masterpiece. It captured the beauty and emotion of a woman trying to find her place in life, perfectly. Not only was the storyline captivating, but the cinematography was gorgeous. It was truly a must-see indie film.

Review 2 : How Deep Is The Ocean was an incredible story that was both heartwarming and heartbreaking. The acting was superb and the way the story unfolded was mesmerizing. This film certainly left me with a lot to think about. Makes one laugh but also leaves you with a lasting thought.

Review 3: The film was an emotional roller coaster and I found myself connecting with the story in an unexpected way. It was an honest representation of a woman’s journey to find herself and it was beautifully done.


Independent filmmaker based in the city of Melbourne Australia


Andrew Walsh: Born in 1986 in the seaport town of Whyalla on South Australia’s rugged Eyre Peninsula.

It seems an unlikely place to begin an artistic career with the nearest major cinema 5 hours away but Andrew used the region’s isolation to his advantage focusing on screen writing at the age of 17 before migrating to the east coast to turn his dreams of writing and directing his own films into reality.

Despite having no educational experience or background filmmaking Andrew made his directorial debut in 2010 with The comedian a drama about a charismatic comedian with a secret preparing for the performance of a lifetime.

The Comedian premiered at the 2010 Cannes Film Festival short film
Corner and was hailed as an innovative profound and haunting short film which stayed with audience long after the credits finished rolling.

Since then Andrew has written directed and produced five short films The Comedian (2010) Rearranged (2011) Empire Of Nowhere (2012) Growing Out (2013) and I Miss The War (2014) which have screened in Australia and overseas.

Over the years Andrew has built a solid reputation as one of Australia’s most unpredictable and passionate directors mixing a fearless energy with emotionally intimate filmmaking often walking a thin line between reality and fiction as he uses situations and events from his own life as the basis of his stories.

How Deep Is The Ocean is Andrew’s first feature film.


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