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The American Coyote is coming in 2024 Get Ready!

Directorial Debut of Marcus Davila A 2024 Indie Film Release


Marcus was an avid reader and fell in love with films at an early age. The expansive worlds and visionary directing showcased a world very different from the one he lived in and he knew one day that he wanted to share his vision in a film. Marcus is a United States Navy Veteran and when he returned to San Antonio,Tx, he began to work in remodeling and handyman repair. In 2020 he met Sabrina Trevino, a Los Angeles Film School student, and fell in love. Sabrina taught Marcus about film and he became her first student of film. Marcus is a blue belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and a parent to three young boys.

About Film

The American Coyote film follows the story of this lone child, as he fights his way through a world he doesn’t understand, to make a life for himself. Along the way, he encounters a variety of people and learns the true nature of family and loyalty. Despite his struggles, he never loses his hope that one day he will find his way home and be reunited with his family.
He must outwit and outmaneuver the cartel in order to survive and take control of his own destiny. This story of courage and determination is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat and make you cheer for the protagonist’s success.

Cast Lead

One of the cast leads in this film is Ben Matias from Little Rock, Arkansas making his feature film debut. Ben Matias of Tiktok fame.

Ben came to America at the age of 6 and has always had the passion for entertainment. At the age of 14 he studied acting and comedy to start pursuing his career, unfortunately with the limited tools and support he pushed it to the side. At the age of 26 he decided to post his first video “onety-one” on Facebook and became a viral video overnight. He began posting regularly and became an Internet personality with over 1 million supports on both TikTok and Facebook where he began posting his self-acting reels.




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