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Warrior With A Pen: Native American Indian Book is Ready For Purchase

The book titled “Warrior With A Pen” is finally finished and ready to be purchased. This book is filled with 104 chapters and 187 pages of hard hitting Native American Indian subjects and topics. These subjects and topics will make readers rethink the way they view history. The book is filled with controversial subjects and topics that are considered “Taboo” to the public and private at large. The cost of the comb bound paperback book is $30 if not mailed, or $40 which includes “Free” shipping and handling within the United States.

James has 15 copies available for purchase and 10 are already sold. If you are interested in purchasing a copy of the book, please contact James on “Facebook“. James hopes to inspire other Native Americans to become writers. He recently stated, “There is not enough we need more.”

He suggests for Native American writers to think of a subject and write it from the Native point of view. Words are very powerful, so it is important to embrace them and write as such. This book is sure to be a great read. Pick up your copy of the book today for $40, which includes “Free” shipping and handling within the United States.

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Below you can watch a great interview with this Author.


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