Chief of Police Eddie Seaton Leads Panama Oklahoma Police Department

The Panama Oklahoma Police Department is led by Chief of Police Eddie Seaton. Chief Seaton has been a member of the police force for many years and has worked diligently to ensure the safety of the citizens of Panama Oklahoma. His commitment to law enforcement and justice has earned him great respect from the community.

Leadership and Professionalism

Under Chief Seaton’s leadership, the Panama Oklahoma Police Force has become a model of professionalism and effectiveness. He has implemented training and development programs to ensure that all members of the department are up to date on the latest laws and techniques. He has also worked to ensure that the department is well-equipped with the necessary technology and resources to effectively carry out their duties.

Commitment to the Community

Chief Seaton has shown a genuine commitment to the community. He has worked to ensure that all members of the department are working for the benefit of the community and that the department is serving the public in a fair and respectful manner. He has also taken the time to attend various community events, such as school functions and public forums, in order to better understand the concerns and needs of the citizens.

Impact on Panama Oklahoma

Chief Seaton’s leadership and dedication have had a positive impact on the Panama Oklahoma community. The department has become a reliable force for upholding the law and protecting the public. Citizens have a greater sense of security knowing that Chief Seaton is looking out for their safety and well-being. His commitment to justice and law enforcement is an example for all members of the community.


Chief of Police Eddie Seaton has been an invaluable asset to the Panama Oklahoma Police Department and the community as a whole. Through his dedication and leadership, the department has become a model of professional and effective law enforcement. His commitment to justice and public service is an example to all members of the community.

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