“Indulge in Sweet Blessings: Unveiling Ribbon Cutting Simply Blessed Cakes & More!”


Today marked a special occasion in Spiro, Oklahoma as Simply Blessed Cakes & More officially opened its doors with a joyous ribbon-cutting ceremony. The small-town charm of Spiro was elevated by the presence of proud owners Lisa and Mike Hayes, along with Mayor Doug Harper, Choctaw Nation councilman Jess Henry, and a host of enthusiastic locals. This new establishment promises to bring delicious treats and a warm, welcoming atmosphere to the community.

The Story Behind Simply Blessed Cakes & More

Lisa and Mike Hayes, the duo behind Simply Blessed Cakes & More, have long dreamed of sharing their passion for baking with their community. With years of experience in the culinary industry, they have honed their skills and perfected their recipes to create delectable treats that are sure to delight customers of all ages. From classic cakes to decadent pastries, their menu is filled with sweet blessings that are made with love and care.

What Sets Simply Blessed Cakes & More Apart?

What sets Simply Blessed Cakes & More apart from other bakeries is their commitment to using only the finest ingredients in their creations. Lisa and Mike believe that quality should never be compromised, which is why they source the freshest local premium ingredients for their cakes and baked goods. This dedication to excellence shines through in every bite, making each treat a truly taste of heaven.

The Menu: A Feast for the Senses

Indulge your sweet tooth with the mouthwatering delights on the menu at Simply Blessed Cakes & More. From fluffy cupcakes to exquisite cakes, there is something for every occasion. Whether you’re celebrating a milestone birthday or simply craving a delectable dessert, their menu is sure to satisfy your cravings. Be sure to try their signature creations, such as the Heavenly Red Velvet Cake and the Ice Cream Nachos, for a taste sensation like no other.

Community Support and Involvement

Lisa and Mike are dedicated to giving back to the community that has welcomed them with open arms. Simply Blessed Cakes & More will be actively involved in local events, fundraisers, and charity initiatives to support those in need. By fostering a sense of togetherness and generosity, they hope to make a positive impact on Spiro and its residents.

Join the Sweet Celebration at Simply Blessed Cakes & More!

Are you ready to indulge in sweet blessings? Come visit Simply Blessed Cakes & More and experience the magic for yourself. Whether you’re craving a scrumptious cupcake or looking for the perfect treat to brighten someone’s day, you’ll find it all at this charming bakery. With their warm hospitality and mouth watering creations, Lisa and Mike Hayes invite you to join them in celebrating the simple joys of life.


Simply Blessed Cakes & More is more than just a bakery – it’s a place where memories are made, friendships are forged, and sweet blessings are shared. With their dedication to quality, community support, and unwavering passion for baking, Lisa and Mike Hayes have created a true gem in the heart of Spiro. So come on in, grab a treat, and savor the sweetness of life at Simply Blessed Cakes & More!




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