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If you haven’t heard of T-Rex Talents or the Special Effects Makeup artist behind it, Logan Register. Then you need to read this article. Because he is the next big name in film!

Born and raised in a small town in Ohio. 29 year old Logan Register brings BIG talent in a small package with transformative art to the Oklahoma area!
Reaching only 3ft2, and wheelchair bound. Due to being born with Osteogenesis Imperfecta also known as brittle bones disease. Logan was born with almost every bone broken, this disease also caused him to spend most of his time healing from injuries such as breaking bones over 300 times and 19 surgeries throughout his young life.

However, he chooses to focus on his ABILITY with special effects makeup. And not his disability. So, despite being wheelchair bound. His passion is boundless. He’s even worked through a film applying extensive makeup effects while suffering an untreated broken arm and displaced metal pin! But nothing stopped his passion for what he does. This passion came from a young age.
With nothing to do but watch movies. The world of film became an escape. His father introduced him to horror movies. And wanting to know how they were made. The first being Scream 1996 as as he lay in a body cast at about 4 or 5 years old. This remains his favorite movie till this very day. However Logan is heavily interested in Science fiction films as well. Such as anything to do with aliens, and superheroes.

As Logan wants to be open to doing makeup effects for all genres. Meanwhile his mother was a hospice clown who passed down her makeup kit to Logan which he built up from there. However he says his brother was his biggest fan. Who sadly passed away two years ago. But Logan continues to chase his dream in honor of his brother. Even naming his business T-Rex Talents is made after the nickname he gave Logan as a kid. ” Growing up my brother would tell me I had a big head and little arms when I would sit infront of the t.v. to watch movies. Not being mean. Just a sibling thing. I chose the logo for T-Rex Talents to be Frankenstein’s monster with wheels. Because I really related to him. Being judged from the outside and pieced together by doctors.” Says Logan.
During the time Logan decided he’d like to enter this profession. MANY people made their doubts very vocal about him doing so. He also faced discrimination and over all difficulties. Physically and mentally. Yet, he’s been in the industry since 2011. Starting with working at numerous Haunted House attractions across Ohio until finally being recruited by Cirque Italia’s Paranormal Cirque Horror themed traveling circus.

Afterwards Logan worked to promote T-Rex Talents and went on to work in the independent film industry. Winning 3 awards for make up effects. Such as a best blood award in the Cleveland Ohio 48 hr film fest. The Tom Savini School Zombie Extravaganza makeup/costume 1st place award. And FunMill Film Best special effects makeup award. While also acted in a few films as well. Including a film called “Chained For Life” on tubi alongside Jess Weixler Star of horror comedy “TEETH” and who also played Bill’s wife in “IT: Chapter 2”. And another one not yet disclosed. Staring Lori Cardille of the original “Day of the Dead”.

With positive portfolio reviews from some of the best in the industry such as Tom Savini, Rob Burman, and Greg Nicotero the man responsible for the zombies of the Walking dead. With whom Logan hopes to work one day. Logan also worked with the George A. Romero Foundation. With all of this Logan says “My biggest accomplishment that I’m still working towards every day is to make the film industry more inclusive to the Disabled community. ”

Logan Register ~ T-Rex Talents

Review 1: I recently watched the film “Chained For Life” with Jess Weixler and Logan Register and I was absolutely blown away by the amazing special effects makeup that Logan did! His work is truly incredible and inspiring. His story of overcoming disability to make his art is one that really stuck with me. I’d highly recommend checking out his work!

Review 2: I attended a horror convention recently and saw some of Logan Register’s amazing special effects makeup. His work was truly breathtaking! It was amazing to hear his story of how he went from a haunted house in Ohio to making incredible effects in films. It was really inspiring and I would recommend him to anyone!

Review 3: I recently heard about Logan Register’s work and was amazed when I saw his portfolio. His special effects makeup is truly incredible and he is so talented. It is truly inspiring to see someone with a disability turn their passion into something amazing. I would highly recommend checking out his work!



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