Emma Perdue: A Rising Star in Fort Gibson, Oklahoma

Razorback Magazine has enjoyed the chance to see Miss Emma Perdue perform on many occasions. Her talents reach way beyond her age, and she is the daughter of Kristin Perdue and Amanda & Ryne Perdue ( From Le Flore Co. Oklahoma.) Emma is a rising star in the small town of Fort Gibson, Oklahoma, the oldest town in the state and the final point of the Trail of Tears.

The Song “Nothing Little Town”

To celebrate the 200th birthday of Fort Gibson, April 21, 2024, “Nothing Little Town,” a song written by Beth Brannon, performed by Emma Perdue and Easton Wicks, and played and arranged by Andrea Denison, Barrett Vanlandingham and Britton Vanlandingham, was released. The video was created by Melanie Wicks.

The song celebrates small towns everywhere, but especially Fort Gibson, with its unbreakable bonds and unshakeable strengths. It’s a tribute to the town’s resiliency and commitment to progress. It’s a reminder that no matter how small, every town carries its own unique magic.

The Support Emma Has Received

Emma has received a great deal of support from her local community for her incredible talent. In fact, she was recently selected for the “Rising Star” award at the Fort Gibson Music Awards. Her parents, Amanda and Ryne Perdue, are especially proud of her success.

The Perdue family has been a part of the Fort Gibson community for many generations, and they are grateful for all the support they have received. As Emma’s career continues to rise, they are sure that the town will continue to stand behind her as she pursues her dreams.

Emma has become an integral part of the Panama First Baptist Church, often blessing the congregation with her special renditions of beloved hymns. Her skillful singing has been a source of solace and inspiration to the churchgoers. Her touching performances of time-honored church classics have become a highlight of many services, and she is always warmly welcomed back with open arms.

Why People Love Emma

  • Her Talent: Emma’s talent is undeniable. She has a powerful voice, and her music is captivating and inspiring.
  • Her Passion: Emma’s passion for music is evident in everything she does. She loves to perform and is always pushing herself to become a better musician.
  • Her Support: Emma always gives thanks to God her family and friends for their support. She is truly grateful for everyone who has helped her on her musical journey.

It’s clear that Emma Perdue is a star in the making. Her commitment to her craft, her passion for music, and her talent are sure to take her far. We look forward to watching her rise in the music world and supporting her every step of the way.

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