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Reena Deen: Making Films with a Cause

Reena Deen is a writer of middle grade and young adult dark fantasy stories set in tropical Singapore with spunky Indian Muslim protagonists. Her stories touch on serious topics but they also have loads of heart and humor. In addition to writing, Reen is also a filmmaker and is currently making an indie feature starring actors with disabilities – the very first to be made in Singapore.

Reena is represented by Tricia Lawrence from Erin Murphy Literary Agency. She is currently on submission with editors for her middle grade novel Azel & The Jinni Familiar and has just completed her young adult dark fantasy A Hunting We Will Go. She is also working on a young adult historical fantasy set in 1899 Singapore. Some of her writing credits include an article on depression published in Readers Digest Asia and being the editor-in-chief for LookBook, a fashion magazine, which raised funds for an AIDS charity in India.

Reena was a Write Mentor in 2021 and 2022 and was delighted when her 2021 mentee, Soph Montgomery, got an agent after their mentorship together, co-mentored with the wonderful Hannah Kates. In 2021, she also completed a scriptwriting course at Singapore Media Academy and has since created three films – Zera In The End, which she wrote, directed, and acted in, and two others.

Why She Made This Film

Reena wanted to make a film with disabled actors playing disabled characters for an honest and authentic portrayal. She also didn’t want the story to center around their disabilities. The characters in the film are just regular disabled folks. Their disability isn’t a superpower or a gift that can magically save the day and their whole life and personality is not about being disabled.

Reena also wanted to create her own opportunity as it is tough to break into the film industry if you are a minority or have a disability. She and her team have made a short film about how they came together to make The Damned Ones for the IAMINVISIBLE short film festival.

Reena Deen is a passionate and inspiring filmmaker and writer who is determined to create opportunities for those who are underserved in the industry and tell stories that represent everyone.

Reviews & Thoughts

I was incredibly moved by Reena’s story and the way she chose to portray her characters. The film is an honest and authentic representation of disabled individuals and I could relate to the struggles they face in everyday life. Reen’s passion for creating opportunities for those who are underserved in the industry shines through and I commend her for it.

Reena Deen has created an honest and authentic representation of disabled characters and I was incredibly moved by her story. She has also provided an amazing opportunity for those who are underserved in the industry and I think she has done an amazing job. Highly recommend watching this film! Her future in the industry is unstoppable!



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