“Blast from the Past: Tune in to Oldies Dot Gold Radio for Nostalgic Hits!”

2024 Razorback Magazine is proud to announce its partnership with Oldies.Gold Radio Station, where the greatest hits of the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s come alive with a touch of personality. In a digital world where music can sometimes feel impersonal, we are bringing back the charm and character of old-school radio.

Music aficionados! Ready to dive into the nostalgic world of “Oldies.Gold“? Get ready to groove to the timeless tunes that defined an era, all day, every day, right here on Razorback Magazine. Whether you’re scrolling through social media or shopping online, let the classic hits transport you to a simpler time. So, dust off your dancing shoes and let the good vibes flow with our curated playlist of golden oldies. It’s not just music; it’s a journey back in time on the click of a button. Cheers to the golden days of music!

Bringing Back the Classics

In a cardboard, radio world saturated with focus group tested playlists, Oldies.Gold Radio Station stands out with over 3000 songs in our library. Nothing gets left behind, and every tune gets its time to shine. Size does matter when it comes to a music collection, and we’re proud to offer a diverse range of tracks that span across decades.

The Perfect Lineup

Weekdays are filled with excitement at Oldies.Gold Radio Station, starting off with John & Heidi in the mornings. The nostalgia continues with the 50’s at 5, the 60’s at 6, and the 70’s at 7, taking listeners on a journey through the golden era of music. Mondays are dedicated to Motown, celebrating the iconic sounds of the 60’s and 70’s.

Saturday Morning Vibes

Remember those early Saturday mornings spent glued to the TV for cartoons? We do too! Every Saturday from 6 am until noon, Oldies.Gold Radio Station brings back the magic of those childhood mornings with themed music from cartoon shows and School House Rock! It’s a trip down memory lane that will have you smiling all day.

Saturday Night with Rock And Roll Guru

Tune in for a rockin’ time at the Saturday Night Special Request Show with the one and only Rock And Roll Guru, jamming out from 6 pm until midnight. This musical maestro is no stranger to delivering non-stop entertainment, ready to groove to your requested tunes. Don’t be shy, give him a ring, and if your song is in his vast collection, consider it played! Rock on with the Rock And Roll Guru and let the good times roll all night long.

Get in Touch

At Oldies.Gold Radio Station, we love interacting with our listeners. Whether it’s a song request, a dedication, a shout-out, or local event information, we want to hear from you. Call or text our listener line at 405-309-7475 and be a part of the music experience.

Don’t miss out on the perfect blend of music and personality at Oldies.Gold Radio Station, where every song has a story to tell. Join us as we revitalize the classic tunes that never go out of style and bring a touch of warmth back to the airwaves.

By creating a unique space where music meets personality, Oldies.Gold Radio Station offers listeners a one-of-a-kind experience that transports them back in time while still feeling fresh and relevant. Don’t settle for cookie-cutter playlists – tune in to Oldies.Gold Radio Station for a musical journey like no other.

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